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Blue Ridge Beef Frozen Breeder’s Choice CHUB 30LB(6x5LB)

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Key Benefits:

  • Muscle tone and energy- The right balance of proteins and fat from raw meat and eggs gives dogs healthy muscles and the energy to lead active lives.
  • Skin and fur- Dogs often are allergic or intolerant of food with high grain/filler content or animal by-products. Itchy skin is the result. Skin that is in bad condition is more vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Bone and dental health- Natural calcium and phosphorus from ground bone and eggshell help with stronger bones and teeth.
  • More nutritionally dense- It takes less food to get the calories in. Less in means less out. Don’t be alarmed with less stools. That’s normal.
  • Fewer inflammatory problems- Diets heavy in grain and corn can make some dogs more vulnerable to inflammatory problems such as arthritis and joint issues.
  • Better health often means fewer veterinarian visits. Of course, regular checkups and vaccinations are still important.

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Ground Beef – Higher Fat Protein
Protein (min) – 17.87%
Fat (min) – 13.88%
Fiber (max) – 1.34%
Ash – 0.94%
Moisture (max) – 67.3%
Calcium – 15.13 mg/100g
Phosphorus – 148 mg/100g
1632 kcal/kg

3 reviews for Blue Ridge Beef Frozen Breeder’s Choice CHUB 30LB(6x5LB)

  1. Nikolas98

    It’s a good product… 😏

  2. K. Allen

    dog loves them but why?

  3. Mulang Zhu

    very good

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