OC Raw Dog Lamb & Produce Meaty Rox Raw Frozen Dog Food – 3 Pound

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At OC RAW DOG we purchase meat and poultry from USDA inspected and certified suppliers. Our food does not contain any chemicals, enhancers, preservatives, remnants, processed meals, denatured, or renderings. We do not source any of our meat or produce from China or Mexico. EVERYTHING we use is USA grown (except our lamb and goat which usually comes from New Zealand or Australia).
WARNING ~ Our food is not meant for people but it had been mistaken in the fridge for meatloaf, baked, served, and eaten.

Our highest protein and fat formulation which is designed for working dogs, whelping females, distressed animals, and show circuit dogs or cats. This puts on good weight and gives the coat natural shine from the animal fats being expressed through the skin.

INGREDIENTS: Lamb, Ground Lamb Bone, Lamb Tripe, Carrots, Apples, Broccoli,Blueberries, Basil Powder, Kelp Powder,Alfalfa Powder, Calcium Carbonate.




Min Crude Protein…….   22%

Min Crude Fat………  18%

Max. Crude Fiber……..   1.0%

Max. Moisture………  58%

Omega 3 / Omega 6 ratio 1:4

Calcium / Phosphorus 1:1

Calorie Content (calculated; ME): 2,575.2 kcal/kg and 584 kcal 8 oz.


We recommend 2%-3% of your dog’s body weight being fed daily based on life stage and energy requirements.  For puppies and/or pregnant/lactating females we recommend 4% – 6% of body weight daily.  For senior or weight conscious dogs we recommend 1.5% – 2% of body weight daily depending on the fat content of the different protein formulations.



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